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Sustainable Design Intrapreneurs

As a lot of us know, there still aren’t that many design jobs around with “sustainability” in the job description. In that case designers have the option of taking “conventional” jobs and becoming “intrapreneurs” (changing things from the inside). I’ve written about this here, in terms of strategic ways to build the case for sustainable design for your employer (or client).

Co.Exist recently ran a good article on this subject too, describing the politics and influence you need to consider as an intrapreneur. They’ve even put together a cubicle warriors toolkit, for, “a global movement of corporate changemakers working to transform business from the inside out.”

I’ve also written about how designers can be design intrapreneurs in progressive organizations. So rather than being a corporate designer bringing sustainability into a company, Designers can work under other titles in sustainability organizations (such as environmental groups) and bring design into the sustainability objectives of those organizations. I’ve also looked at this in terms of finding a role in design activism here (for good measure).

I’ve always felt that unviersity programs are not good at presenting this range of approaches to students — even some of the courses focused on sustainable design, not to mention the rest. My question to you is: what is the one, top tip you give your students to help them get into a career in sustainable design? Please let us know in the comments.

And along the lines of intrapreneurs, I want to end here by mentioning the Guardian online has launched a sustainable design “content hub” in partnership with Nike.


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