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design to support cycling—no it’s not a bike

I’ve covered a few bikes in this blog (5 ways bikes teach us about sustainable design and this piece about re-imagining the garage to include/prioritize bikes) and I’m generally interested in how designers can contribute to sustainable transportation. Transportation systems are so big and complex, it can seem overwhelming in terms of where to start.

treesaurus-bikeshed-2That’s why I liked this bike storage solution from Treesaurus. It re-imagines the type of storage we typically have in the kitchen or bedroom drawer at a bicycle scale.

Here’s are some details direct from Treesaurus:

The aluminium infrastructure is clad in sustainable hardwood with a green roof, so you don’t lose valuable planting space. The store holds 2 or more adult bikes, securely locked with five-lever locks built into the door.

A little over a metre wide the four bike version will fit beside the car in most drives and you won’t need to move the car to get the bikes. The bike store roof comes with a choice of wild grass, wild flower or a mix of wild flower and sedum planting.

The drawback is, it’s not cheap – starting at more than £4500 (around $7000). But imagine, as more people use this kind of solution, options should increase and become more affordable.

Have any solutions that you like for this area? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I think you misspelled the word “commerical” on your website. If you want to keep errors off of your site we’ve successfully used a tool like in the past for our websites. A nice customer pointed out our mistakes so I’m just paying it forward :).

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