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sustainable clothing

sustainable clothing

A few interesting groups have come across the desk lately…'s Versalette can be worn 30 different ways’s Versalette can be worn 30 different ways

Seamly is a U.S. company that specializes in using offcuts to design single garments that can be worn in as many as 30 different ways.

Redress is a Hong Kong advocacy group working to reduce waste and consumption in the fashion production industry. The group runs an ecochic design awards program, among other things.

Jeanologia is a Spanish company that specializes in eco-processes for textile production. This fibre2fashion article mentions a recent eco-award to Jeanologia base on a “garment collection produced with sustainable technologies such as laser, ozone and nano-bubbles.”

These organizations represent a range of tactics for tackling sustainability, but you (or your students) would probably have to do some research to identify them all.


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Can you ever have too many sustainable design tools?

The answer is…No! I’m sure you’ll agree that since the field is continually evolving, new tools capture the emerging thinking. Even though many of the basics stay the same, new tools keep it fresh and interesting. This week we look at the Sustainable Design Compass introduced this week by my colleague Chris Sherwin at UK designContinue Reading

What’s not missing from this picture?

I read recenlty that the city of Detroit is exploring the option of “killing off” interstate 375 in favor of a pedestrian corridor that would better link neighborhoods,  boost the local economies and strengthen neighborhoods. Milwaukee, San Francisco and Portland have already ripped out sections of the freeways to good effect. So in this week’sContinue Reading



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