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Let’s Talk Fiber

Let’s Talk Fiber

This month a few fashion and textiles projects have been coming across the desk–raning from yarn, to bamboo to cotton cloth.

First is this “upcycler” who’s turning men’s cotton, button-up shirts into kids clothing. Kallio, based in Brooklyn New York, works on sustainability throughout the whole supply chain, including making the clothes locally.

children's clothes hanging on a rack

Next up are the folks at Helian Polymers, who make filament for 3D printers. According to 3DPrint, the company is bringing filaments based on natural fibers, such as bamboo. Their BambooFill is made of 80% biodegradable PLAfilament and 20% recycled bamboo fibers.

bamboo 3d printing filament


Another interesting project is Wool and the Gang, a London-based enterprise that is creating “on-demand” knitted garments for high fashion audiences. The group boasts a collective of knitters who are able to make bespoke or catalogue items within a week or a few days. The Telegraph article highlights the group’s rise and its claims to sustaianbility…

yarn and knitting needles


Finally, I’m happy to say that Kate Fletcher and colleague Mathilda Tham have released an edited book —The Routledge Handbook of Sustainability and Fashion. I’ve got a chapter on Economic Growth and the Shape of Sustainable Fashion. It’s expensive, so ask your local library to get it!

routledge book

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