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light-bulb flashlights, chair-helmuts—multifunctional products

In this post we return to the theme of multi-functionality as a technique for sustainable design. I’ve looked at this idea of doing more with less before in terms of products that behave as structures (and vice versa) and in terms of other approaches to getting more function out of our designs. Today we’ve got two products that also do double duty in emergencies: the light bulb flashlight and the chair that converts into a helment.

Lin Guo Hui’s Bulb Light is actually a designer accessory, but still thought provoking. It sits along another recent bulb innovation, wherein a light socket can also serve as a wifi transmitter. (Also check out this article for light-off-the-grid approaches such as a light powered by gravity.) The bulb light has a tiny, built-in rechargeable battery.


The second example is the Marmoris chair Designed by Japan’s Poplife and Znug Design.

Some interesting options for research and teaching arise from these examples. First, it’s a great thought excercise to ask how we can piggy back on, or sensibly integrate functions into existing material and spatial infrastructure. Second, it’s interesting to debate how much is too much and where the practicality line lies in these approaches.

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  1. reena says:

    First, it’s a famous mind excercise to petition how we can piggy backward on, or sensibly harmonize activitys proofreading service toward alive data also spatial infrastructure. Wink, it’s remarkable to question how plenty is besides ample furthermore where the practicality route storys in these approaches.

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