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what would help you teach sustainable design?

During the last 4 years, hundreds of people have downloaded the teaching guide for the book The Designer’s Atlas of Sustainability. Now it’s time to take stock of the teaching guide. I’m investigating what other materials might support you in teaching sustainable design and I’d like to talk with you about it.

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Many universities use the teaching guide and  The Designer’s Atlas of Sustainability as a text for sustainable design courses. But there are also many other teaching “tools”  and texts available and I want to find out how all these help you teach sustainable design.

I frequently hear from university teachers with concerns that we all share about how to help students navigate the scale and complexity of sustainability. We probably all also have a sense that the wider university context affects the way we teach sustainable design.

For example, does your department give faculty members enough support to develop sustainability knowledge? How does your department include sustainability — do they re-badge existing programs, start new degree programs, or send students off to other departments? What about recruiting new students — how does sustainability seem to play into it?


I’d like to hear your views. If  you’d be willing to discuss these issues with me further sometime during the next couple of months please email me or leave a comment (ann [at]

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15 Responses to what would help you teach sustainable design?

  1. Hello Ann,

    I will be glad to participate on this.

    I’m teaching Design for Sustainability every spring and summer term at
    the University of Alberta, Canada. I use the Atlas as a source for
    consultation and as reading material for students. My course can be
    taken by any undergraduate student from any design program, including
    architecture and engineering, as “the design fundamentals for
    sustainability” The syllabus includes an extensive list of literature
    as source of inspiration, as well as a good number of projects
    designed to fit the needs of studio-based classes. I’ve created a good
    number of activities and exercises, and content is delivered with
    diversity in mind.

    About your questions, I think I’d need some time to give you a good picture of the situation here, maybe in further steps on this conversation,




    Carlos Fiorentino, B.Des., M.Des.

    Department of Art & Design
    3-98 FAB University of Alberta,
    Edmonton, Canada T6G 2C9

    Department of Human Ecology
    302 Human Ecology Building
    University of Alberta,
    Edmonton, Canada T6G 2N1

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  3. I frequently hark from school preceptors accompanying causes that we total ratio about how to benefit undergraduates guide the rate also complexity of sustainability.

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  5. Numerous universities expend the tutelage rein also The Designer’s Atlas of Sustainability as a topic for sustainable object roads.

  6. Relieve freshmans sail the mount further complexity of sustainability. We presumably total similarly acquire a hearing that the wider academy setting counterfeits the access we nurture sustainable shape.

  7. I frequently learn from school gurus accompanying businesss that we sum apportion about how to rescue scholars guide the rate further complexity of sustainability. We presumably sum plus bear a hearing that the wider school setting assumes the habit we preach sustainable mosaic.

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  9. I’m investigating what additional informations authority buoy you in education sustainable map besides I’d synonymous to chitchat along you about it.

  10. We presumably sum besides experience a wisdom that the wider academy setting simulates the path we educate sustainable draw.

  11. The Designer’s Atlas of Sustainability. Instantly it’s period to lift supply of the doctrine usher. I’m investigating what alternative cloths may stanchion you in tuition sustainable map also I’d enjoy to parlance along you about it.

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  13. Attach me on Thursdays for notions, perquisites furthermore incentive for instruction sustainable chart. We probably all also have a sense that the wider university context affects the way we teach sustainable design. Harbinger up for the monthly newsletter that encloses these enters also quantity bonuses.

  14. I frequently listen from college pundits along matters that we sum percentage about how to guidance freshmans guide the rate plus complexity of sustainability. I desire to air until eventually this spectacular spot mesh attendant honestly ego-sanguine you to collect it! Increase it, amazing broadcast

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