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What can you do with mushroom materials?

What can you do with mushroom materials?

Ecovative is a biomaterials company making its name in mushrooms — their material is grown, not manufactured. I feel myself wanting to add: shaken, not stirred…or stir fried!

Ecovative’s “grow factories” produce mushroom mycelium, a natural, self-assembling glue. The mushrooms digest crop waste “to produce cost-competitive and environmentally responsible materials that perform.”


Mushroom Materials, shaped and ready to go, by Ecovative Design.

The company is actively seeking ideas for how to apply this material–a great challenge for students and researchers alike. This topic is also “ripe” for debate over what makes a green material and how this and other green materials perform over their entire lifecycles.

Oh, and given last week’s post on bicycling in later life, I wanted to share this picture about gardening, literally, on a bike. This wearable planter is an Etsy project.

wearable planter



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