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Social Sustainability in Construction

When it comes to building construction, we most often read about environmental sustainability. But the UK’s 2012 Social Value Act (PDF overview from Social Enterprise UK) highlights one way construction touches upon social sustainability. The Act requires public bodies in England and Wales to consider how the services they commission and procure might improve theContinue Reading

Is it a product design or a building design?

It’s not that uncommon to see architects designing furniture and product designers involved with small buildings like street carts or garden sheds. In sustainable design terms, a common suggestion for architecture is that we get serious about manufactured housing, that is, housing where the components are manufactured offsite, then delivered and assembled on location. ThisContinue Reading

Transparency: can we make sustainability visible?

A key problem we often address through sustainable design is transparency. For example, we’d like to make it more transparent how the materials in your products connect to the natural environment (both as raw materials and as waste). We’d like to make it possible for people to see and understand buildings and products in newContinue Reading



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