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How to design with embodied energy

Agency of Design’s Energy Trump cards How can we become more aware of embodied energy? The Agency of Design, based in London, answers the question by profiling the embodied energy in various materials. They’ve made a card deck —energy trump cards — covering 45 materials, and each material card shows the key environmental properties; EmbodiedContinue Reading

NASA can help you teach sustainable design

Yesterday I gave a talk about climate change to a classroom full of 10 year olds. It’s challenging to make climate change straightforward, which is perhaps why recent recommendations are to include it in middle school (see my update at the end of this post). I still think it’s important that we start much earlier.Continue Reading

Student Sustainable Design Competitions

Either you love them or you hate them, but design competitions play a role in most college design courses. As the academic year finishes up, it’s time to think about where a sustainable design competition might fit into the schedule for next year. Here are a few ideas. NATIONAL COMPETITIONS In the UK, the RSAContinue Reading



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